Is the Principality of Vlachia a micronation?
No. The Principality of Vlachia is not a micronation and recognises absolutely no micronations. It recognises only states recognised by the UN charters, although not all of them e. g. Kosovo.

Is H. I. H. Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs a self-proclaimed prince?
No, His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs is not a self-proclaimed prince – he is self-elected prince. According to the ‘Law of the Vlachs of Cetina‘, his direct ancestor Bulat Kustražić (1440) was one of the nobleman that was able to elect and be elected as a ‘prince of the Vlachs‘. Being the last one who can chose and the last one who can be chosen, he elected himself and founded the Principality of Vlachia.

Who are the Vlachs?
The Vlachs are an ethnic minority in the Balkans descended from the Celtic tribal confederacy Volcae that originated in the southern parts of France which were called Gallia Narbonensis (English: Gaul of Narbonne). This tribal confederacy invaded Illyria and Macedonia in the 3rd century B. C.

Can I apply for citizenship even though I am not of Vlach descent?
Yes. We invite all people who agree with our principles to support the Principality of Vlachia and become citizens.

How can a state exist without territory?
The same way the Sovereign Military Order of Malta does, as a sovereign subject in international law.

Why is the title ‘prince of the Vlachs’ transcribed as ‘count of the Vlachs’ in Latin?
In the original document ‘Law for the Vlachs of Cetina‘ written in Cyrillic the title held by the leader of the Vlach nobility was ‘влашки кнез'(Cyrillic: vlaški knez) which means in the common tounge‘Vlach prince’. However, the title of knez was in transcribed in Latin as comes which means count, that is why Vukoslav Pliščić was in Bosnia titled ‘comitem omnium vlachorum‘ (Latin: count of all the Vlachs) but was called a prince of all the Vlachs. Similar to the title of a princely count in the Holy Roman Empire an individual was granted a princely title, but retained their comital title although they were a prince. It is for this reason that the manner of addressing the prince is ‘his illustrious highness‘ rather than ‘his serene highness.’

Does H. I. H. Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs come from a princely family?
No, H. I. H. Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs comes from a old Vlach noble family, the House of Bulat. Using the old legal system of the Vlachs, of which his direct ancestor Bulat Kustražić was part, he elected himself to the position of the prince since he was the last one with a right to choose and the last one that could be chosen.

What does the ‘pl.’ found in between names mean?
It means plemeniti (Slavic: noble) and can be seen as an equivalent of the germanic predicate ‘von’.

Who is the artist who designed for the Principality of Vlachia?

The talented artist employed by us is Carlos Navarro. You can visit his website here.

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