Princely seal of H. I. H. Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs

“The Principality of Vlachia is a state on a theocratic and direct democratic parlimentary basis which will serve its citizens so that they can live in freedom, peace and prosperity.”

Chapter I: The Principality

Constitution of the Principality of Vlachia

Constitution of the Princely House of Bulat

Charter on the Establishment of the Princely House of Bulat

The three legal documents above are the foundational documents of the state. As such, they are the cornerstone of law and order that guarantees the citiziens of the Principality of Vlachia their rights and obligations in the functions of the state. Many of the laws and regulations presented in these documents were based on the “The State in the Thrid Millennium” written by Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein, in which he expounded the proper structures and motives of founding a new principality. The Charter on the Establishment of the Princely House of Bulat is at the core of the Principality of Vlachia as it is here that the medieval legal document Law for the Vlachs of Cetina was used for the first time after the 15th century by His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs. As the last one who could choose and the last one who could be chosen he used it to rightfully elect himself as a Vlach prince becoming the progenitor of the Princely House of Bulat.

The political system of the Principality of Vlachia is governed by the elected duke, who enjoys personal, non-hereditary nobility and the four houses of the Supreme Council i. e. Parliament of the Principality of Vlachia. This system of law differentiates itself from all others and is completely unique, based on the medieval framework but given a new and modern essence. Since all political parties are illegal there exist only four houses which are designed to facilitate the best usage of individual talents and abilities. The members of the Supreme Council number a total of 20 and are chosen by the citizens to be united in their abilities and complementary traits to form a political system which serves the citizens and does not waste time on petty interests and burocracy seen today in most political parties. Until the Supreme Council is instituted the following laws regulate the affairs of the state.

Provisional Vlach Statutes

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