3rd Anniversary of the Princely House of Bulat

On the 7th February 2019, a day after the death of his grandfather Petar pl. Bulat, H. I. H. Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs invoked his ancient right to use the title of “Prince of the Vlachs” and began working on the creation of the first Vlach ethnic state, the Principality of Vlachia. This rightContinue reading “3rd Anniversary of the Princely House of Bulat”

House of Štěpánek de Taurow

The House of Štěpánek de Taurow is an ancient Czech noble house. The first recorded ancestor was Štěpánek z Protivína († c. 1434) who is transcribed as Stephani de Protiwin and Štěpánek z Netolic († c. 1447) both of whom are the first bearers of the name Štěpánek in the area from where the nobleContinue reading “House of Štěpánek de Taurow”

House of Loužecký z Louzku

The House of Loužecký z Louzku (German: Lausecker von Lusek or Lauseker von Lusek) is one of the oldest Czech noble houses evidenced by numerous historical sources. The parent house of this family was the House of Bavor, lords of Strakonice. The heraldic legend of the house says it was one branch of the RurikidContinue reading “House of Loužecký z Louzku”

Provisional Vlach Statutes

The Provisional Vlach Statutes shall constitute the entirety of state law until the first session of the Supreme Council is sworn into office following the first General Election and the Vlach Statues are set as the law of the Principality of Vlachia. §1. The Articles of the Provisional Government of the Principality of Vlachia shallContinue reading “Provisional Vlach Statutes”

Constitution of the Principality of Vlachia

Preamble Chapter I: The Principality Chapter II: The Prince Chapter III: The General Rights and Obligations Chapter IV: The Supreme Council Chapter V: The Government Chapter VI: The Courts Chapter VII: The Community and Administration Chapter VIII: Maintenance of the Constitution Chapter IX: Final Provisions PREAMBLE The Vlachs are a historic European people which originateContinue reading “Constitution of the Principality of Vlachia”

Ancient Ancestry of H. I. H. Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs

Three Main Lineages of Royal & Noble Descent His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs has three main royal and noble lineages two of which are maternal and one of which is paternal. The first through his maternal grandfather is the House of Bulat of which he is the sole inheritor and which isContinue reading “Ancient Ancestry of H. I. H. Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs”

Constitution of the Princely House of Bulat

Preamble and History I. Princely House of Bulat Article 1: Of the House and Membership Article 2: Titles, Heraldry and Patrons of the House Article 3: Citizenship Article 4: Register Article 5: Adoption and Extramarital Issue Article 6: Coming of Age Article 7: Marriage Article 8: Disciplinary Measures Against Members of the Princely House ArticleContinue reading “Constitution of the Princely House of Bulat”

Law for the Vlachs of Cetina (1436)

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen. We, Prince Ivan Frankopan, Prince of Krk, Prince of Modruš, Prince of Cetina and Prince of Klis and further Ban of Dalmatia and Croat give to see to every man whom it pertains by our open charter, that good and honest menContinue reading “Law for the Vlachs of Cetina (1436)”