Principality of Vlachia

The Principality of Vlachia is an ethnic micro-state and a sovereign subject in international law without territory. It was founded on 18th March 2021 on the 585th anniversary of the nobility of the House of Bulat by His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs.

It was founded as the first sovereign ethnic state of the Vlachs in history and leads by example the cause of creating sustainable countries for minor ethnic groups which are threatened or persecuted in any way.

The Vlachs are an ethnic group descended from the Celtic tribal confederacy Volcae, which invaded Illyria and Macedonia in 290 BC and from whom the name Vlach, Wallachia, Wallonia and Wales originate.

A constitutional principality which combines traditional Christian monarchy with direct democracy, where the heredity of the throne is the safeguard of the heredity of all other things. The official state religion is Roman Catholicism and the state is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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