Word of the Prince

Allow me to welcome you to the Principality of Vlachia which as a principality is a sovereign subject in international law made as the first ethnic state of the Vlachs in history. It was my goal to create a vehicle through which I would preserve the historical legacy and unique identity of my people, which are to this day without a legal representative or country. The Vlachs, who were Celtic conquerors of Illyria and Anatolia three centuries before the birth of Christ have today been left by academia as a people without a history or contribution to Europe. As many have said, a tree without roots is dead and as a result of this indifference the Vlachs have like all ethnic minorities, been subject to discrimination, ridicule and open hatred throughout their long history.

Many claim that self-determination applies only to ethnic groups and as such they should be granted freedom and a sovereign state. This, however, has not been the case for many small nations seeking a way to exist in the world. An individual should only look at the modern persecutions of the Kurds, Ughyurs, Sami or the Assyrians which are tragic and show the complete incompetence of international institutions to achieve peace and permanent stability. A new state model has been made with the Principality of Vlachia and will provide a way for such ethnic groups to thrive and preserve all of their native cultural elements.

One might ask, although this model of a state for ethnic minorities is good, why create a monarchy in the 21st century which seems to care less for tradition and history each passing day? As a nobleman of such a ethnic group, and as the last person who had the legitimate right to elect a Vlach prince and the last one who could be elected I took upon myself the task of preserving the aristocratic tradition of my people, which freely elected their own princes, dukes and judges. To show to the world, the freedom, the Vlachs enjoyed, living as shepherd-warriors on wide pastures and mountain valleys and led by their own native nobility.

In addition to the goals of the state expounded above, the Catholic character of the Principality of Vlachia is a call to Europe and all of Christendom to remember the faith of their ancestors, the times when the Holy Mother Church was united and to keep in highest regards what was once sacred. Let us labour together for a new renaissance of European culture and civilization, to know our ancient roots so that our branches can blossom once more. St. Augustine of Hippo said: “Truth is like a lion, set it free and it will fight for itself” and so I have set free my own lion, a lion of God, to fight for my witness to the truth about my people. It is my sincere wish that you will join me in this noble task and fight to preserve for our descendants all that is good, beautiful and true.

His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs

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