Supreme Council of the Principality of Vlachia

The development of society depends on four main virtues: the honesty of the great, the knowledge of the wise, the valor of the brave and the prayers of the just – and a ruler to unify and embody them all in purpose and meaning. The members of each house are elected by the citizens and confirmed by the reigning prince. Similarly, the political system of the Principality of Vlachia is divided into four houses which are the following.

House of the Great

“Honesty of the Great”

The House of the Great (legalists) are members of parliament which oversee the legality of all actions undertaken by the state and the development of the constitution. Their main objective is to create short, clear unequivocal laws which are humane and serve the common good in harmony with holy laws of God. They seek to create a legal frame consistent with the teachings of Jesus Chirst e. g. all forms of monetary interest are forbidden. The chosen animal for this house is a hawk which flies above all and observes.

House of the Wise

“Knowledge of the Wise”

The House of the Wise (archivists) are members of parliament which labour to create a multidisciplinary cross-section of all human knowledge and lead the course of human development. They set far-reaching goals and work to preserve knowledge from oblivion, apathy, obscurity and pseudo-skepticism. Also, they contemplate bioethics and humanity, taking into account at all times the teachings of the Holy Mother Church which they use as a moral compass in all decisions. The chosen animal for this house is a stag for its serenity and the strength it will show if challenged.

House of the Brave

“Valor of the Brave”

The House of the Brave (strategists) are members of parliament concerned with the development and implementation of effective strategies to complete the goals set by the state. This house is compromised by natural born leaders which are given this position solely because of their abilities and have no other rule above the other houses. The chosen animal is a lion, in remembrance to the European cave lion that was hunted by our forefathers just as the strategists hunt their goals.

House of the Just

“Prayers of the Just”

The House of the Just (spiritualists) are members of parliament which represent the divine in all the affairs of the state, that is, they speak the living word of God, they strive to maintain the purity of worship and they are tasked with explaining all Christian morality. They labor to reach on the greatest spiritual potential of the citizens, opening schools of contemplation and meditation, and should be spreaders of Christian mysticism. The chosen animal is a swan representing divine purity and harmony.

Four houses which together compromise the parlimentary system of the Principality of Vlachia

Oversee (Legalists) – Foresee (Archivists) – Accomplish (Strategists) Guide (Spiritualists)

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