His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs

Dominik Jakov pl. Bulat Vručinić was born on 9th July 1992 in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a historian, author and aristocrat and the founder of the Principality of Vlachia. During his youth he was interested in history, which led him to start researching his own family history from an early age. After his high school education, he completed his degree in Tourism Management at the University of VERN. During his life he traveled the world extensively from the Virgin Islands, USA to Moscow, Russia and remains passionate to this day about history.

After more than 10 years of research into his family history, he was granted a confirmation of his old nobility by the Spanish King of Arms, Dr. Alfonso de Ceballos-Escalera y Gila and received full recognition as the last heir to the noble House of Bulat. Using his noble rights from the ancient document Laws for the Vlachs of Cetina granted to his ancestor Bulat Kustražić in 1436, and, being the last one with the right to choose and the last one who could be chosen, His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs, elected himself as a prince of the Vlachs and founded the Principality of Vlachia as a micro-state and a sovereign subject in international law. Upon founding the first Vlach ethnic state in history, he took his baptismal name, Jacob (Slavic: Jakov), as his princely and ruling name in memory of the biblical patriarch Jacob.

As the Reigning Prince and Head of the Princely House of Bulat he is the founder and grand master of three dynastic orders of chivalry:

  1. Order of Saint Demetrius
  2. Order of the Holy Cross of Christ
  3. The Most Serene Confraternity of the Illyrian Star

His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs is a descendant of many ancient royal and noble houses such as the House of Nemanjić, the medieval Serbian dynasty, the House of Capet through the Serbian Queen Helen of Anjou, the Hungarian royalty from the House or Árpád, the Russian Rurik dynasty as well as many Byzantine imperial families like the Angelos, Komnenos and Doukas dynasties. His full ancient ancestry is available here.


  1. De Trinitatis (2016)
  2. Meneltarma – Song of a Nameless Knight (2017)
  3. History of the House of Bulat (2018)
  4. Agios. Agios. Agios. (2020)
  5. Jewels Beyond the Path (2021)
  6. Heritage of the White Banners (2022)

Orders, awards and decorations

Knight of the Noble Company of Knights Crossbowman of St. Phillip of Santiago

Coat of arms granted to katunar Dominik Jakov pl. Bulat Vručinić
by the Spanish King of Arms upon proving his lineage
from the noble House of Bulat

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