State of the Third Millenium

“We should therefore devote our efforts to the creation of numerous small principalities throughout the world, where people can live in happiness and freedom.”

Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein – “The State in the Third Millenium” (2009)

The Pricipality of Vlachia is a sovereign state that serves as an example how it is possible to preserve various ethnic groups around the world, without causing territorial disputes and preserving all cultural elements of a people. It is also a point of unification of all Vlachs, who as a historical ethnic group never had any form of national awakening. Therefore, as a monarchy, the Principality of Vlachia does not take its legal basis on the region of Wallachia or any state associated with it in the past, but rather uses as its legal foundation the medieval document called Laws for the Vlachs of Cetina to which the last person who is a legal descendant of one of the original noblemen mentioned in the document is His Illustrious Highness Jacob, Prince of the Vlachs who is the descendant of Bulat Kustražić a knight and nobleman from the 15th century.

The Principality of Vlachia stands for all the virtues associated with Christian monarchy, namely, transcendental order, pious faith, knightly honor and love of all mankind. The state is completely theocratic, yet it allows a free and direct democratic process to transpire upon the election of the members of the Supreme Council which is the governing and legislative body of the state. The state is completely modern in its structure and operative functions, but remains at the source of the Christian civilization and is bound to it by both allegiance to the Holy Mother Church and the constitution of the state. Once recognized as a state by the Holy See it will continue to work as both an ethnic micro-state and as a vehicle for evangelization of both east and west, being a point of unity of the Church and a platform on which those who wish to see east and west reunited can gather.

The Principality of Vlachia seeks to overcome secularism, republicanism and all form of totalitarian regimes, believing in the right and natural order of government being aligned with Christ who is the supreme ruler of all creation, his Holy and Apostolic Church on the earth which is his kingdom led by the grace of the Holy Spirit and to which he has given the power to bind all things. The eternal salvation of the souls of its citizens has more precedence than any other question and will be taken into account when pronouncing any legal decree which must be in full harmony with the holy laws of the Triune God, whose mighty blessing we invoke upon the Principality of Vlachia, asking for the intercession of the angelic realm of Principalities to protect and guide us during our pilgrimage towards the Heavenly Jerusalem, our true homeland.

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